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"No Balloon" commercial loans are our special "sleep easy" offer to business owners and real estate investors.

Balloons protect banks.  Not you.


  • Tenants will take advantage of you and your financing challenges.

  • If you are not able to service your balloon, your personal guaranties may be triggered.  That could wipe you out.

If you own commercial real estate, or planning to own, you need to know that:

We Abundance 99, Inc. offer "no balloon" fully amortized commercial real estate loans.  As long as you make the monthly principal & interest payments due, you will never have to re-finance again, unless you want to.   You are in control. 

Here are some possible triggers to re-financing challenges:

  • Normal business cycles

  • Economic slump
  • Interest rate hikes

  • Higher than usual vacancy, or customer attrition

  • Higher than usual business expenditures

  • Changes in banking regulations

  • Changes in neighborhood zoning or use

Don't risk your retirement.  Don't let large commercial lenders' low initial interest rate take you down a slippery path.  When times get tough, they will call the loan guarantee.  That could wipe you out.

Call us for a "no balloon" commercial loan structured to match your cashflow and business growth.

The Dark Side of Commercial Real Estate Loans

The Dark Side of Commercial Real Estate Loans

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