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We help our investors enjoy monthly interest income secured by Californian real estate.  This is called "trust deed investing".

We help our investors diversify their interest income through "fractionalized loans".  Because the amount each investor puts into each fractionalized loan is smaller than in a "whole loan", our investors can participate  in multiple loans at the same time, with different borrowers, locations, property types, property classes, and loan maturity.

All of our trust deed investments are protected by recorded deeds of trusts (usually 1st, occasionally 2nd deed position) and most have monthly payments.  We service the loans we originate, and hire industry experts (e.g., attorneys, foreclosure services) to protect our investors as need arises. 


We treat our investors' hard earned money and their trust in us very seriously.  Some of our investors have retired partly because of the monthly interest income we generate for them.  We want to offer similar option to more and more people in our community.


Locally, we are licensed and regulated by California Dept of Real Estate (DRE).  We submit our loan files and trust account details to 3rd party accountants for random audits every quarter.  At the federal level, we are regulated by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Housing & Urban Development (HUD), and Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) for Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS).  And the IRS and CA Franchise Tax Board (FTB).  Yup - lots of regulations to protect you. 

We provide monthly reports to our investors, and 1099-INT at the beginning of every year for tax reporting.

All of our investors must meet the California investor suitability requirements as specified by the California Business and Professional Code Section 10232.45.  As such, we ask all of our investor clients to complete the CA Dept of Real Estate Investor Questionnaire (Form 870) before they invest and annually thereafter.

Is this your first time investing in a "trust deed"?  Read this "Trust Deed Investment - What You Should Know!!" brochure from the California Dept of Real Estate.

Call or e-mail today to qualify and subscribe to our mailing lists for new trust deed investment opportunities.  

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