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New Houses

Construction Loan 101

Whether you’re building your forever home, an in-law unit / ADU, or an investment property for sale, you need to get your construction financing all lined up before you break ground.  Once you break ground, your financing options for additional funds will be significantly reduced.

So what do construction lenders care about?  Safety, experience, and risk management.

Construction lenders will want to see that:

  1. The project is financially viable;

  2. The builder and owners are experienced enough to navigate permitting, building inspection, and supply chain issues; and

  3. The owners are strong enough to get permanent financing after the construction is done. 


We Abundance can help.  


We offer land loans, construction loans, and permanent financing in the State of California.  We will guide you through the entire process, so you’d have an ally on your side, avoiding costly mistakes. 

Below are some important topics to get you started with your construction loan:

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