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Are you thinking of downsizing? Or moving closer to family and friends?
If you are over 55, you can save on property taxes when you move between these counties*:

Alameda | Los Angeles | Orange | Riverside
San Bernardino | San Diego
San Mateo | Santa Clara | Tuolumne | Ventura

California Props 60/90 allow a person who is over age 55 to sell his or her principal place of residence and transfer its base year property value to a replacement home of equal or lesser value purchased within 2 years of the sale.

This may save you tens of thousands of dollars each year, keeping more money in your pocket.


Renovated homes sell more quickly and for more money
We Abundance Capital can help you sell your home for the highest possible price.   We will fund your new home purchase, your moving expenses, and renovation of both your existing home before you sell.
One move. Better sales price. Less stress.

It's easy to qualify for Abundance homeowner bridge loans - no age restriction; no income needed; just equity in your home.  We may even defer your monthly payments until you sell your existing home.  
We help you put more money in your pocket for your retirement.


Call 510-468-4508 to learn more about Abundance Bridge Loan for Homeowners.

*Source: CA Board of Equalization re: Prop 60/90 published 11/7/2018


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